Invitation to Pinelands Network Group

CBN is launching the first Network Group at the SASNEV building in Pinelands, Cape Town on 3 April.

We extend an open invitation to you, the small business owners in Cape Town, to attend a weekly network meeting and find out how a CBN Network Group could help you to effortlessly attract up to R300,000 or more in referral sales this year.

CBN is very different to any other networking experience you may have encountered. Different in terms of philosophy, activities and commitment to results.

CBN is a network of champions, Success Teams of committed contributors helping each other to achieve both business and personal success.

To learn more please download the Introduction to CBN flyer (PDF) and contact Shaun Lindbergh on 076 799 0658.

Join the CBN Meetup Group to get updates of open meetups happening near you.


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