100% Affordable CBN membership and the fair-exchange policy.

We understand that it’s tough for small businesses so we want to make CBN membership 100% affordable on a fair-exchange basis; either money or effort.

Network Membership is a 90-day commitment with two payment options;

  • Paid monthly at R500 per month (x three months)
  • Paid quarterly at R1,340 per quarter

But, if you don't want to pay the membership or meeting fees, here is how the “effort-exchange” works.

  • Pay the once-off set up fee of R500 for the first month’s membership.
  • Qualify for free monthly renewals and discounted meeting fees.

Two ways to qualify for free Bonus Months.

  • Achieve 100% on the KPI’s and get a Bonus Month
  • Enrol a new Network Member and get a Bonus Month

And two ways to get discounts on weekly network meeting fees.

  • Bring one guest and get a 50% discount on your meeting fee
  • Bring two guests and get a free pass to the meeting.

How fair is that?

If you rely on referrals for a significant number of new customers, then you owe it to yourself to test drive the CBN active referral and business support system.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, apply to join today.

Please CLICK HERE to apply to join as an Associate Member; we are committed to making membership 100% affordable to every small business owner who wants to join.

But please don’t join if you are not willing to be a contributor to the success of the whole group which means, (1) attending weekly network meetings, (2) inviting other contributors to join the group and (3) passing referrals to other members.

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