How much is R500?

Last week I purchased a basket of groceries at Checkers for R461.

Today, Sunday, I had two Castles, a tasty Brie and Camembert burger and a Dom Pedro; total bill R226 plus a R24 tip for a round R250.

And for the proud driver of a Toyota Corolla, R500 would only get 57% of the way to a full tank of petrol.

So I ask, how much is R500, really? And how much is R500 worth to you?

One of my mentors, Hannes Dreyer, has a wonderful definition of a Wealth Creator;

“someone who makes intelligent use of limited resources.”

I know the value of R500 because there have been times when my resources were extremely limited; times when I had to make a choice between buying petrol for my car or food for my stomach. The petrol always won because petrol got me to meetings and food didn’t (it’s a fact that a human being can survive for weeks without food),

And meetings got me to new connections. Granted, most new connections amount to nothing, some even turn out to be harmful, time-wasters, but a few new connections are absolute gems.

I know the value of a good connection; that one good connection has changed the trajectory of my business for the better. And a series of good connections enabled me to claw my way out of a deep hole after the 2008 crash.

If, today, I was presented with a choice between my stomach and a monthly CBN subscription, I have absolutely no doubt, that my Checkers basket would have been trimmed to around R200 and the burger could easily have waited for another day. That to me is making intelligent use of limited resources. Most people don't make hard choices.

If success was easy, everyone would be flourishing. It’s not and most aren’t.

One good connection is all you need to take the next step up but, as the saying goes,

“You have to be in it, to win it!”

Like the alluvial diamond miner I once was, you can only find the gems if you are prepared to do the hard work of efficiently sorting through the gravels. So too with networking.

To me, a CBN network group promises to be like high-grade, diamond-bearing gravel because only real contributors can survive. It's going to be the best place to make high-quality connections, guaranteed.

Come check it out for free.

Your choice.

P.S. R500 is the current monthly subscription for CBN membership but, if you are a real contributor there are three, fair-exchange ways to get your networking for free;

  • Meeting the key performance targets of attending, inviting and referring.
  • Enrolling new members (the super-referral)
  • Bringing one or two qualified guests to meetings.

If that sounds hard, then CBN isn't for you.

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