How far will you drive for a coffee meeting with a potential client?

How often are you invited to 'meet for coffee' with someone you recently connected with?

How far have you been willing to drive to meet?

How productive are these coffee meetings, really?

To me, coffee meetings are a bit like online dating; a time-consuming and inefficient way to meet a potential partner. I know, I tried it for a while! Online dating that is. And I don't do coffee meetings any more. Meeting with the right groups of people is much more productive.

Mingling with a group of like-minded people with similar interests is a much more efficient way to get to know, like and trust each other. Especially so when those people are actively willing to do some matchmaking between you and that hot prospect in their network. Do you see the multiplier effect?

So how far would you be willing to drive to meet with a group of willing matchmakers?

Think about it and then come and check out the CBN Network Group in Pinelands; every new member who joins increases YOUR risk of being locked out of the group.

BUT, if you are a member, every new member who joins the group, increases the referral potential of the group, exponentially. Now that's a real multiplier effect.

And that's why I teach that "Inviting guests to a meeting" is the #1 networking skill in a CBN network group. When a new member joins the Network Group, they become the source of a steady stream of referrals for the whole group. Inviting is a Super-referral, the Mother of all Referrals or, if you like, the Granddaddy of all Referrals.

You get the point, when a new member joins a CBN Network Group, everyone wins.

And, if you are willing to be a contributor and not a parasite, I guarantee that you will gain a measurable benefit within 90 days ... or get your money back.

Now click Get Invited and come experience a CBN meeting for yourself.

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